Homeland Title Settlement Agency provides title insurance and settlement services for homebuyers throughout Virginia. Whether you are purchasing your first home, long awaited second home or even your dream home, our experience, combined with our customer service reputation, is your promise of a smooth closing.


Selling a home can be more complicated than it seems. When you choose Homeland Title Settlement Agency we immediately begin communicating with all parties involved, and stay in contact throughout the entire settlement transaction. Our goal is to insure the integrity of the transaction by staying on top of the details. All of this communication and preparation helps to prevent complications others may experience when selling a home.

Loan Programs

Homeland Title Settlement Agency is certified to close on VHDA, HUD and FHA loans. Our staff has extensive experience with Reverse Mortgage closings and products as well as farm properties, both residential and commercial.

Staff Attorney

Why pay for a real estate attorney when you don’t have to? The professional and knowledgeable staff at Homeland Title Settlement Agency can provide all required closing and settlement services for an affordable rate. However, if an legal opinion is needed, we have two real estate attorneys on staff to provide prompt service above and beyond our client expectations.


Closing on a refinance can feel a lot like purchasing a home. Questions or obstacles can arise even with a routine refinance. Our Residential Settlement Officers at Homeland Title Settlement Agency are always available to provide prompt solutions. The most frequently asked question when refinancing your home is “why do I need a new title insurance policy?” Although your original owner’s title insurance policy is good for as long as you own the property your lender will require a new title search and loan policy. A reissue rate may be available.


Homeland Title Settlement Agency is trusted by commercial developers, investors and real estate brokers. Homeland Title Settlement Agency provides settlement, title searches and title insurance for commercial projects of all sizes. Whatever the scope of your project, new developments and subdivisions, townhouses or condominiums our tenacity and commitment to excellence is a key factor to your success.

Fraud Prevention

At Homeland Title Settlement Agency we take your security seriously. Anytime large sums of money are transferred fraudsters pay close attention. Fortunately, so do we. Homeland Title Settlement Agency operates under strict security policies to keep your information and your money safe. Realtors, home buyers and sellers trust Homeland Title Settlement Agency to coordinate and execute smooth and successful closings.

Reverse Mortgage Title and Settlement

Homeland Title Settlement Agency gives you comprehensive title and settlement services, not just title processing.  You can be assured that all the details will be handled properly, protecting you and your senior borrowers from problems down the road. Closing reverse title and escrow transactions efficiently and accurately is our first priority.

Our Role

At Homeland Title Settlement Agency we only do real estate closings and title insurance. There is no other task that will take our focus away from you. Homeland Title Settlement Agency has over one hundred fifty years combined real estate and title insurance experience. This experience combined with our customer service is your promise of a smooth closing.

A successful real estate closing requires careful coordination and planning. As an independent third party to the transaction, our job is to orchestrate all of the numerous aspects of the closing process. At Homeland Title Settlement Agency our philosophy is to become involved as early as possible. This allows us to be well prepared, ensuring a positive closing experience.